Your Cats Stay At The Charnwood Cattery

We have a friendly welcome awaiting all cats staying at our cattery and we really want your cat to feel at home whilst staying they are with us. With this in mind when your cat comes to stay you may like to bring with them their favourite toys or bedding, although this is not necessary as we already provide bedding and toys but sometimes we find the smell of home can make your cat feel more settled. Also we do light grooming so if you would like your cat groomed you may like to bring with them their brushes and combs etc. 

We welcome cats of all ages and appreciate that cats want and need different care at different stages of their lives. We know that all cats are individuals and all have their own little ways and personalities - just like us. We aim to tailor the care we give to what you, as the owner want for your cat whilst it is in our care and also by getting to know your cat and tuning in to what your cat wants. We know that some cats are timid and after car travel and being put in their boxes coming to a Cattery can be quite a stressful experience. We want to put them at their ease, become their friend and hopefully show them that a holiday at our Cattery can be fun and enjoyable and maybe even something to look forward to. We are only able to do this as we can commit lots of time to them. We only ever have a maximum of 10 cats in our care at any one time and by keeping small we ensure that every cat in our care has the best possible care and attention.

We would also like to know their food likes and dislikes. We understand that some cats can love one food one week and go off it the next, so when you arrive we will ask what food your cat is eating at present. If your cat is on medication we will ask you how this is to be administered.

We would also ask you for your vets phone number and address, in case we need to contact them emergencies or advice.

We will also need your mobile phone number or the contact number of a person who can make a decision on your behalf regarding your cat.

Owners will be asked for a valid vaccination certificate against Feline Influenza and Feline Enteritis.

Please bring your cat in a secure container

It is also advisable to give your cat worming and flea treatment before it comes to stay with us, however if your cat needs worming or flea treatment we are able to supply this whilst your pet is staying with us. Our prices for this are:
Worming: £5 (Panacur)
Flea Treatment: £7.50 (Frontline)

Below is a picture of one of our single chalets.