Cattery Boarding Rates
One Cat: £7.00 per day.
Two Cats Sharing: £12.00 per day (£6.00 per cat)
Cats sharing must normally live & eat together.

Please note there is a premium charge for Christmas Day and New Year's Day and cats boarding on each of these days will be charged as follows:- One cat: £14.00. Two cats sharing: £12.00 per cat.)

Please note boarding fees are charged for the day of arrival and the day of departure to allow for cleaning.

We offer a discount for stays of longer than 21 days

Please note we only accept cash for stays shorter than 10 days. Cheques accepted on day of arrival if your cats stay is longer than 10 days.

For new customers bookings will only be confirmed upon the receipt of a deposit of £10.00 per cat. Deposits are non refundable.